Northern Renaissance for Ms. K.

Let's write it together. In your image, in your wardrobe, in your pictures. Your favorite fairytail may become just the beginning of your personal story.


Impressions on behalf of Katherine -
peace and severity, spiritual and sculpture features.
Majestic, full of dignity, soft beauty reminds
the beauty standards of the  Northern Renaissance

I choose the theme of Tudor England

as a basic concept for her Style story

Samples of patterns and ornaments -  from the Jewel Book of the Duchess Anna of Bavaria (1550s)

Some ideas of contemporary ornaments inspired by the paintings of the epoch in question

The Scottish-inspired collection by Chanel (Pre-Fall 2013) is full of the ideas of Renaissance


Stylization of historical styles in modern clothes can be unobtrusively done, if we stay with its inherent rich, deep colors (blue, brown, burgundy) and patterns (geometry and floral designs)
The pictures on the left are from Roberto Cavalli Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collection and  Ralph Lauren Collection

of the 16th century - and the modern clothes with a stylized floral ornament

From Brunello Cucinelli Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection

Peruvian Connection Tendrils Baby Alpaca Sweater-Coat

The combination of blue and warm green isn’t typical for modern fashion, but refers to the costumes of the 16th century. The rich embroidery of a court dress turns into an openwork or jacquard knitted fabric in a modern dress.

Ralph Lauren Fall 2006

Ralph Lauren Fall 2006 - Runway

The  distinctive Renaissance dress shape - Sweeping Dress - in turns into a cardigan in modern clothes.


On the left there is a woman from the painting by Hugo Van Der Goes paintings (probably Ghent c. 1430/1440 – Auderghem 1482)


On the right there are samples clothes from the collections of Alice Olivia, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren

A midi length fitted dress with a large decoration creates an imprint of peace and smooth movement and emphasizes the Renaissance purity of the lineame

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