French Revolution for Mr. S.

Let's write it together. In your image, in your wardrobe, in your pictures. Your favorite fairytail may become just the beginning of your personal story.


The bony face with noticeable elongation in lineament set the sublime spiritual mood. Big facial features, lips in a straight line make an impression of heroics, and the light face asymmetry in this case brings to mind the histories of an uprising and fight for the freedom, great fight for the humanistic ideas

The Style Story is based

on the romanticized characters

of the French revolution

Dolce & Gabbana 2006 Campaign. Stephen Meisel's photoshoot with twilight and ruins, with noblemen's duels and secret societies could be the illustration to an end of one of the historical novels written by Victor Hugo or Alexandre Dumas.

A neckerchief, a historical military jacket with bright buttons and a belt with ornate buckle create an outfit with the aristocratic impression. But the way male models wear it (jauntily tied scarf, unbuttoned jacket, etc.) support the idea of a rebellion.

The combination of a shirt and a vest and the scarf tied as a neckerchief with casually rolled sleeves supports the impression of a noble hero at a critical moment of history.

Layering is important. It let the modern clothes look closely to the past centuries fashion.

  Scarf is a colourful detail of the style. It could be with a "distressed" edge, or in dusty colours. It makes the look multi-layered. The scarf could be tied accurate as a military neckerchief or quite the opposite and then it would create a visual expression of whirling and impulse in an outfit.


The folds and wrinkles on fabric, an asymmetry and a casually layering form outfits here. Imperfections are handsome in this style.

Balmain Fall 2011 Menswear

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