What is "Your Style Story"?

It’s a story about the style in clothing, which will bestow your look.

Image Makeover

My way is to find one of the “ideal” looks among the canons of different times and epochs the match as close a possible to your individual lineament, and show how to implement this look and feel into your mundane wardrobe. Becoming the hero of your true story, you make the best impression and become as catching and appealing as the favorite heroes of the corresponding time and epoch.

The Style Story usually includes:
    1.    Associative pictures (landscapes, streets, interiors, baubles, books, food, etc.) - to catch the mood.
    2.    Description of colors, shapes, textures and decor with illustrations-examples.
    3.    Description of the key properties, such as shoes, bags, jewelry and clothing in the style in question, with illustrations and examples.
    4.    The logic of combining colors, prints and textures.
    5.    Examples of sets of clothes with a story about how things were chosen by what principle.
    6.    Notes on how to choose the right set (or thing) from several similar ones.
    7.    List of sources for inspiration.

Image Makeover Style Story examples

Styling Photoshoot

I often work  as s stylist for photosessions.

Sometimes I work with photographers to bting to life my ideas,

sometimes I help to develop and implement the photographer's projects

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